Doing A Major Overhaul Outside? What You Can Do With Everything

If you are planning to do a major overhaul of your front and backyard, you likely have a lot of stuff sitting around. Instead of throwing everything away, learn what you can do with it first. There are things that can be thrown out, but others you can recycle.

Dumpster Rental

Before you start, go ahead and rent one or more dumpsters to have them already in place. Call a local dumpster company and ask about their prices. Talk to a few so you can get the best deal. One type of dumpster you can rent is a roll off dumpster. A roll off truck will bring this dumpster to your home. When the dumpster is filled up, the truck uses a hook and lift system to remove the dumpster from your property. With this type of system, the driver uses a hook that is placed on the dumpster, and then lifts it up onto the truck.

Old Lawn Furniture

If you have some old lawn furniture, you can remove the legs from the chairs and table, and then throw all of it into the dumpster. If they are made of metal, take them to a scrap yard to make some money. You could also call a recycling company to pick them up so they can be reused for other purposes.

Outdoor Satellite

Back in the day if someone wanted satellite for their cable television, they were very big, and took up a lot of space in a backyard. If you still have one sitting around, you can sell it for scrap metal to make some money. If you want to recycle the dish by reusing it, place it on top of a gazebo or a roof for a dog kennel. Turn it upside down, paint it, place some garden soil in it, and plant some flowers.

If you want to give the satellite to someone, call a recycling company to come pick it up for you.

Yard Waste

You may find things like acorns, pine cones, dethatching materials, dead plants, bamboo trimmings, leaves, ivy, ornamental grass, and more in your yard. While you have the dumpster on your property, put all of these things into lawn bags and throw them in there. You can also use these things to make compost to add nutrients to your vegetable and flower gardens.

A dumpster can be a lifesaver for you when overhauling your front and backyard. Even though you cannot put everything in it, most you can. Put stuff in and then forget it, because the dumpster rental company (such as General Waste Removal) takes care of removing the dumpster and disposing of the contents.