Dumpsters And Rental Properties: How Landlords Can Keep Their Properties Free Of Litter

An apartment building, whether it is a duplex or contains dozens of units, will be more enticing to tenants if it is clean and maintained inside and out. One important consideration is rubbish removal. Garbage can accumulate quickly if it is not stored and removed properly and that trash can cause odors, entice rodents and other wildlife and breed insects. Installing a dumpster is a great first step, but how those dumpsters are managed will determine the success of the program.

Establish Definite Rules

Make certain that all tenants understand that the dumpsters are for household garbage and not the removal of furniture, appliances and electronics. Allowing these items into a dumpster will greatly increase disposal costs and fill the dumpster too quickly. Include a recycling deposit in a tenant agreement that charges tenants moving out for any old items like this that they leave behind. Insist that all trash be bagged in closed garbage bags to reduce loose litter blowing out of the dumpster.

Offer Extra Services

Some tenants may be physically unable to carry their garbage bags down flights of stairs or out to where the dumpster is located. Offer to pick up bags from these tenants to dispose of them properly to avoid the buildup of trash in the individual units or hallways. Arrange either a normal pickup time or have them call onsite maintenance when they have garbage to remove.

Set a Schedule

Schedule regular removal services with the dumpster company rather than just calling when it is full. Waiting until the dumpster is filled could lead to garbage overspill if the company cannot arrive immediately. A professional dumpster service will be able to provide an estimate of the size that is needed based on the number of tenants in the building. This will help to determine the dumpster size and the frequency that it will need to be emptied.

Keep it Secured

Unauthorized dumping is one of the biggest concerns with a dumpster. In order to prevent everyone in the neighborhood from using a tenant-only dumpster, such as from Ware Disposal, enclose the dumpster in a secured area that only the tenants and the dumpster company will be able to access. A security camera can be installed in this location if there are still problems after the dumpster is brought in.

Clean, well-maintained properties have more allure to reputable tenants and typically appraise higher in value than a building that visually unappealing due to loose litter and pest infestations. Garbage is unavoidable, so having a clear plan for keeping it under control will avoid these types of situations. Even small rental properties will benefit from having one place for all waste rather than lines of garbage cans outside every door.