Tips For Loading Garbage Into A Rented Dump Trailer

If you are going to clean out your home's garage this weekend, then you need to know how to efficiently place items into your rented dump trailer. Rather than haphazardly tossing items into your disposal trailer, first, perform a bit of strategic planning. With a clear understanding of your dumpster space needs, knowledge about how to properly load the container, and a policy of keeping recyclable materials out of the dumpster, you can save yourself money, time, and frustration.

Follow these tips for loading garbage into your rented dump trailer when you clean out your garage this weekend:

Breakdown and Load the Largest Items First

You should always load the largest items first into your rented dump trailer. However, before you simply start throwing things into the dumpster, first determine if you can break them down into smaller components and eliminate empty spaces within them. For example, if you have an old bathroom vanity, break the boards out and toss them flat into the dumpster. This eliminates the void inside of the cabinet that would otherwise be wasted space inside of the dumpster. Do the same thing for furniture pieces, cabinets, and large boxes.

Load Items Evenly From Both Ends and Bottom-to-Top

When the rented dump trailer is placed on your property, ensure that it is placed perpendicularly to the end of your driveway. This orientation will help you easily load your debris out of your garage and directly into the bottom of the dumpster. It is important that you have access to the entire length of the dumpster so that you can load it evenly from each end of the dumpster towards the center. If you were to stack all of your waste into one end of the dumpster, then it would fall over and result in wasted empty spaces within the dumpster. Falling trash can also be a hazard to people and animals.

Keep Recyclable Items Out of Your Rented Dump Trailer

Finally, you can help yourself and the environment by keeping items that are recyclable out of your rented dump trailer. In some instances, you can earn money by recycling items. Generally items that are made of metal can be recycled for cash. In other instances, you may pay less to dispose of an item in a specially designated area of your local landfill. For example, landscaping waste, concrete, and roofing materials are often separated from household waste and will cost less to dispose of. For more information, talk to a professional like Duffield Hauling INC.