Compost Or Trash: What Goes In The Dumpster And What Goes In The Garden?

When it comes to garden renovations, you've likely rented a dumpster to make your task easier and more efficient. You may have also decided to create a compost heap to help maintain your garden naturally. Now you just need to decide what will go in the compost heap and what needs to be thrown in the trash. Here's a guide to help.

Natural, Good Products

Composting is a great way to get rid of your kitchen and garden waste naturally and environmentally. Not everything can be put in the compost heap, though. The focus should be on the natural and good products from your kitchen and garden.

Most food leftovers will break down and can be added to the compost heap. This includes your fruit peels, cores and skins and any eggshells or paper. You can also add any leaves, soil, needles and manure from the garden.

Limes are the only fruit you'll want to avoid. The pH levels are too high.

Things to Dump Right Away

There are certain foods that can't break down, so you'll need to put them in the dumpster. Meat is one of those, and that includes any grease, oils and bones from the leftovers.

Any colored paper will also need to be avoided. This doesn't include newspapers, but will include any arts and crafts items that you've bought.

You'll also need to watch out for any toxic products, and cat littler will need to be avoided. Cat litter can contain harmful bacteria, compared to other types of manure.

What About Diseased Plants?

There are times that diseased plants will be fine for composting, but you will need to have skill in this area. If you don't, then it's best to avoid them altogether and throw them in the dumpster. You risk damaging all the rest of your compost with the disease that your plants have suffered from.

Weeds can be added to the compost, but they should be dried out as much as possible. Sod is another one that you'll want to think carefully about. This can do some damage like the diseased plants and can lead to grass growing in your compost heap!

If you are in doubt about something, you'll want to think about the way it is made up and whether it will break down. Compost heaps are great, but you can't put everything on there. Sometimes it's safer to dump. Contact a dumpster rental company for more information.