Compost Or Trash: What Goes In The Dumpster And What Goes In The Garden?

When it comes to garden renovations, you've likely rented a dumpster to make your task easier and more efficient. You may have also decided to create a compost heap to help maintain your garden naturally. Now you just need to decide what will go in the compost heap and what needs to be thrown in the trash. Here's a guide to help. Natural, Good Products Composting is a great way to get rid of your kitchen and garden waste naturally and environmentally. Read More 

What To Do With Hazardous Waste

Chemical waste, industrial sludge, radioactive slurry—when you think of hazardous waste, these are likely at least some of the items that come to mind. You may think that there is nothing you have at your home that could qualify as hazardous. There are, however, some items that you should not throw away with your other household waste. While most of these items do not pose much of hazard to you, your children, or pets, they can pose an environmental risk, so they must be handled properly. Read More 

Tips For Loading Garbage Into A Rented Dump Trailer

If you are going to clean out your home's garage this weekend, then you need to know how to efficiently place items into your rented dump trailer. Rather than haphazardly tossing items into your disposal trailer, first, perform a bit of strategic planning. With a clear understanding of your dumpster space needs, knowledge about how to properly load the container, and a policy of keeping recyclable materials out of the dumpster, you can save yourself money, time, and frustration. Read More 

Dumpsters And Rental Properties: How Landlords Can Keep Their Properties Free Of Litter

An apartment building, whether it is a duplex or contains dozens of units, will be more enticing to tenants if it is clean and maintained inside and out. One important consideration is rubbish removal. Garbage can accumulate quickly if it is not stored and removed properly and that trash can cause odors, entice rodents and other wildlife and breed insects. Installing a dumpster is a great first step, but how those dumpsters are managed will determine the success of the program. Read More